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  • Indoor VS Outdoor Pickleball: Which is better?

    Indoor vs outdoor pickleball can quickly become a touchy subject for many avid players. One camp swears by outdoor play as it was how the sport began and how competitive pickleball (tournaments) are played. The other blissfully enjoy their games without being subjected to the elements such as rain, sun, and wind. Whichever you prefer there are pros and cons to both so let's take a look at them. Outdoor Pickleball: The appeal is undeniable, being able to play your favourite sport in the glistening sun on a gorgeous day is something we should all get to experience! After just having played my first tournament the NPL Championships on the Gold Coast this past weekend I can see what all the fuss is about for playing outdoors. It was perfect 25-degree days on immaculately maintained, permanent pickleball courts. Reminiscent of my old tennis days I thoroughly enjoyed playing out in the elements. That being said you certainly were playing in the elements. The wind proved to be an interesting factor as many a lob or slice was carried just that little bit further by the wind occasionally making for some extra unforced errors. Additionally, the glare of the sun posed a challenge on volleys at varying points of the day. Whilst it's generally a safe bet that the Gold Coast will be bright and sunny the chance of rain is always a factor and I can imagine how frustrating it would be for a tournament organiser or player to see their tournament become a washout. The above are all common arguments that indoor players will make as to why their chosen method is preferred. Indoor Pickleball: Indoor Pickleball is like the Goldilocks of Pickleball, not too hot, not too cold, it's just right. Wind does not come into play and whilst some courts may be lit better than others this is seldom an issue. Whilst this method is often for non-permanent courts meaning you have to set up nets and occasionally line markings, you know it will always be on irrespective of the weather. For me indoor pickleball is all about consistency, consistency of play (the ball isn't affected by external factors), and consistency in always being able to get on the court. For places such as Sydney and Melbourne which can often have patches of consistent and dreary rain, this is fantastic as it means you are still able to hone your skills year-round. Furthermore, because the ball is unaffected by external factors it can be fantastic for practicing skills. My verdict: Why not both? I love being able to play in the sunshine but I also love the consistency indoor pickleball provides. I would certainly encourage any interested in playing tournaments to get in a reasonable amount of playing and training outdoors as that is the preferred type for tournaments. Check out your local pickleball clubs and see if you can get a mix of both and I promise you will become a far more well-rounded player for it. Additionally, I am lucky enough that my local council in Meadowbank (Sydney) has put the court markings down so all I need to do is grab a starter kit or net and head down with my friends for a hit anytime. Happy balling everyone!

  • 3 Tips for beginner Pickleballers

    Pickleball is easy to play but hard to master! It is a sport with so many nuisances that despite potentially coming from another racquet sport can make it challenging to get some wins on the board. Despite having an extensive squash and tennis background there were certain strategic elements I really struggled to get my head around the first few times I played. Below I want to give you 3 tips to help you feel more confident on the court and start to develop your own playing style. The below list is by no means extensive and I am sure many avid players would prioritise other aspects of the game however from my experience these made the biggest improvements in my game. How do I approach the kitchen after I serve? There are so many different ways to do this and it's worth mentioning that the tactics used in singles vs doubles are completely different. A lot of players told me about the "third shot drop" and whilst the concept is simple (after serving make your next shot land in or as close to the kitchen as possible to give you time to approach), the reality is it is extremely difficult to hit. Furthermore, unless you get a weak return off your serve it's a very low-percentage shot. Over time you will improve your feel and control and be able to execute the third shot drop when needed however as a player starting out don't feel it's the only option. A good drive or slice always beats a mediocre third-shot drop and often it will set you up with an opportunity to come into the kitchen on your next shot. Don't try and put every ball away when in the kitchen. One of the most disheartening things for a new player is throwing away a golden opportunity. Too often I see players take massive swings at the kitchen line only for the ball to go into the net or out of court. Often applying pressure (moving the ball around) and limiting your mistakes is one of the best long-term strategies. The team or player who makes less errors is often going to come out the victor, so instead of trying to be ultra-aggressive at the kitchen prioritise placement and moving your opponents out of position over going for outright winners. Play your way in. Momentum is a huge deal in Pickleball. The scoring system can make it extremely challenging once you fall behind and so every point needs to be treated with the utmost care. By being a touch more conservative with your shot choice and margin for error you force your opponent to beat you. A player who makes minimal errors and is consistently putting pressure on their opponent is extremely hard to beat. The above points are by no means an exhaustive list and each of them could be their own post however I hope these tips and tricks help you get a few more wins in your next game.

  • How to choose your first Pickleball Paddle

    Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Pickleball? As a beginner, one of the most important decisions you'll make is choosing the right pickleball paddle. With a multitude of options available on the market, it's essential to consider certain factors to ensure you find the perfect paddle that suits your style and enhances your game. In this article, we'll explore what to look for when purchasing your first pickleball paddle, helping you make an informed choice. Paddle Material: The material of the paddle plays a significant role in determining its performance and durability. Most paddles are made of either graphite or composite. Graphite paddles are lightweight, offering excellent control and maneuverability. Composite paddles combine fiberglass or carbon fiber with a polymer core, providing a good balance of power and control. Our paddles are all composite as they offer exceptional feel. Weight and Balance: Paddle weight and balance are crucial factors that affect your game. Generally, paddles range from 6 to 14 ounces, with lighter paddles offering more maneuverability and heavier ones providing additional power. Balance refers to the distribution of weight in the paddle, which can be head-heavy, evenly balanced, or handle-heavy. Players with a faster swing may prefer a lighter, head-heavy paddle for added power, while those seeking better control may opt for a balanced or handle-heavy paddle. It's essential to try different weights and balances to find the right combination that complements your playing style. Grip Size and Material: A comfortable grip is vital for maintaining control and reducing the risk of injuries. Pickleball paddle grips typically come in small (such as the ZX-0 or ZX-1), medium (our ZX-3, ZX-5 and ZX-7), and large sizes. A grip that's too small can lead to wrist discomfort, while an oversized grip may reduce maneuverability. Additionally, consider the material of the grip—cushioned grips provide better shock absorption, while tacky or perforated grips offer a secure hold even in sweaty conditions. Ultimately, choose a grip size and material that feels comfortable and secure in your hands, enabling you to focus on your game. Paddle Shape: Pickleball paddles come in different shapes, such as traditional, wide-body, elongated (such as the ZX-7), and teardrop. The shape influences the sweet spot, power, and control of the paddle. Traditional-shaped paddles (ZX-0, ZX-1 ZX-3 & ZX-5 )offer a larger sweet spot and better control, making them ideal for beginners. Wide-body paddles provide more power and forgiveness, while elongated and teardrop shapes are designed for players seeking extra reach. Consider your playing style, skill level, and preferences to determine which paddle shape suits you best. Price and Quality: While budget is an important consideration, it's crucial not to compromise on quality. Look for a paddle that offers a good balance between price and quality. A high-quality paddle will ensure durability and better performance, contributing to your overall enjoyment of the game. It's advisable to invest in a reputable brand known for producing reliable pickleball equipment. Choosing your first pickleball paddle is an exciting step towards improving your game and enjoying the sport to the fullest. By considering factors such as paddle material, weight and balance, grip size and material, paddle shape, and price and quality, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your playing style and preferences. Remember to try out different options, seek advice from experienced players, and enjoy the process of finding the perfect paddle that will enhance your pickleball journey. So, gear up, hit the court, and have a blast playing this addictive and exhilarating sport! Pickleball Equipment Sydney | Pickleball Paddles Sydney | Pickleball Paddles Australia

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  • Wanting to play Pickleball in your school?

    Schools ​HOME > SCHOOLS We can supply high-quality equipment to schools and educational facilities, we have a variety of products designed to fit your schools needs. Contact us to arrange a package tailored to your needs. Request a Quote Please take a moment to fill out the form. First Name Last Name Email Subject Leave us a message... Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Contact Pickleball Coaching Sydney | Sydney | Pickleball Promotions

    Contact ​HOME > CONTACT GET IN TOUCH Email Call 0418 260 215 Pickup Locations: - Sydney - Gold Coast - Perth - Melbourne - Gosford SEND US A MESSAGE First Name Phone Order Number Last Name Email PP Number Comments/Questions Submit Thanks for submitting! HIRE ME Coaching Academy Tournaments

  • op Pickleball Athletes Australia Sydney | Queensland | Pickleball Promotions

    OUR ATHLETES Our sponsored athletes have displayed significant results in recent tournaments and are heavily involved in their local Pickleball Community. Jessica Abitz Gold Medal winner in Singles and Doubles at Australian Pickleball Championships 2023. Sebastian Servat Silver medalist at the Australian Pickleball Championships 2023. Tes Lapham Gold Medal winner Mixed Doubles Australian Pickleball Championships 2023. Battle of the Border 'Most Valuable Player' 2023. Nyah and Zuri Lapham Nyah - Silver and Bronze Medal Under 17 Singles and Doubles Australian Pickleball Championships 2023. Zuri - Bronze Medal Under 17 Doubles Australian Pickleball Championships 2023. Bronze Medal Under 17 Doubles Victorian Open 2023. Lucy Gonzalez Former Top 200 World Doubles Tennis Player. Recent convert to Pickleball. Simone Kessell Famous New Zealand TV Actor and recent convert to Pickleball. Tom Vana (TV) Former European Tournament Squash player. Certified tennis and Pickleball coach. Paul Lapham Medals Won: GOLD - 2024 Bellarine Big Bash, Clifton Springs, Open Teams Event SILVER - 2024 Victorian Open, Werribee, 70+ Mens Singles 3.5 and Under BRONZE - 2023 Victorian Open, Melbourne, 60+ Mens Doubles, 3.5 and Under SILVER - 2023 Australian Pickleball Championships, Sydney, Mens Skinny Singles 3.49 and Under BRONZE - 2023 Australian Pickleball Championships, Sydney, Mens Doubles 65+ 3.0-3.49 SILVER - 2023 Australian Masters Games, Adelaide, 60+ Mens Doubles Steven Steven epitomises the essence of a lifelong athlete turned pickleball enthusiast. With a background in soccer, tennis, cycling, and swimming, Steven's venture into the realm of pickleball was fuelled by his love for sports and competition. However, he is also passionate about inspiring others to embrace the sport as a tool for physical and overall wellbeing. Certified as a Pickleball Introductory Instructor, coupled with sports coaching experience, Steven brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the court.

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